Among the fashion accessories, probably the one which garners biggest attention in the market and media is the leather bags for ladies. From the past century, the leather bags were able to hog the limelight for its classy look, longevity, all-purpose utility etc. In spite of the fact that there are many artificial (synthetic) versions of bags readily available in the market at a much affordable rate, the popularity of leather bags is not diminishing. Let us find out why we are fond of a miscellaneous variety of leather bags.


Leather bags come in all colors, shapes and sizes. The star power is not without the backing of the following reasons-

The Worth of a Vintage Leather Bag: With a prolonged use, leather bags tend to exude color in its full glory. They become smoother. The stains, scratches and fine lines add character to them. Different oils (which are present in them from the time of processes during their manufacturing phase) migrate in the manner in which you use them and offer a unique personality which is different from one user to another. In contrast, artificial bags are devoid of these features, look old or might even get torn out easily and the biggest thing is that they could never have that characteristic look. Their grace would not enhance with time and for them, the vintage glory is a far cry.

Durability: A leather bag is like an old friend. Unlike the artificial bags, they would accompany you for many coming years. The synthetic bags would stay for some months or mostly a couple of years. However, a leather bag would accompany you for many coming years.

Flexibility: The bag material is always at work. Both the outer and the inner walls endure the pressure from the objects carried inside and that coming from outside. Be it on a public vehicle or a square, people rub against the outer body of the bag. In addition to this, the bag handles bear its own weight along with the things it carries.Synthetic bags tend to suffer from wear and tear all because of the above-mentioned reasons. However, it seems that the case is just opposite with a leather made ladies bag. Pressure and rubbing make it more beautiful in appearance and smoother in touch.

Strength: Leather is stronger than artificial bags and thus could carry more weight. The bags with shorter and thinner handles face a higher chance of getting detached. Whereas those that come with longer and wider handles are more robust (as is evident from the formula to calculate pressure [Pressure=Force/Area]. More the area, lesser the pressure).

Natural Scent: If you want to smell a natural scent, you must buy a leather bag. Some cheap synthetic bags could give out a toxic smell.

Multiple Colors: Those who say that the types of leather bags could be anything but versatile actually know very little about them. You will love to know that they come in multiple colors, they are available in all types and one can even make prints on them.


As we had already mentioned the benefits of leather bags with long and broad handles, the top handle tote leather bags could be ideal accessories for women who want to use them for multiple purposes. Among the leather bags, this variety is one of the most durable types. We hope that now you will be able to make your decision without any hesitation and buy a bag from a reputed store.

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