If you like leather, find out why Italian is the best for durable and stylish elegant bags, shoes or wallets. It depends on the quality of processing techniques: the top grain and the full grain. But it also refers to the quality of the basic product: vegetable tanned Italian leather.

What Does Italian Leather Mean?

Made in Italy of course!

It is a high-priced leather used for a wide range of different products: handbags, wallets, shoes, bracelets, even car interiors.

Italian leather is very popular in fashion and design because of the beauty of its shades and its lasting strength.

woven Italian leather


What Is The Italian Leather Made Of?

The simple question is not so obvious at all.It is made of cowhide, but it is only the first step.

To obtain the best Italian leather, special traditional techniques are used. Different types of treatments and different parts of the skin give a high-quality product.

Giland-Italian woven bagWhat Makes It Better?


Passion and tradition Old and new workers believe in their work and what they will do.

In-depth knowledge of the different leathers they use.

The tanning methods are natural, using vegetable ingredients. That’s why Italian leather is so strong, elastic and smooth.

And finally, the special shades that make this type of leather instantly recognizable and unique.

Italian leather

Why Is It Called “Italian Leather”?

Because the process of vegetable tanning was invented in the Tuscan tanneries, where it is still used.

Other places in the world use this technique, of course. But Italian leather is also a registered trademark to protect traditional knowledge and techniques. It is the result of ancestral wisdom linked to the latest technical innovations.

Italian leather

Where Does It Come From?

In a global world, our hide is also global. It comes from different countries and the whole process is certified. From aging to tanning, as a result, we know that no animal is killed just because of its skin.

The cowhides used are the by-products of the food industry.

How Is It Made?

It’s a well-kept secret, but we know something!

The most important part of the process is tanning.

Rawhides are subjected to natural treatments in wooden kegs. By using vegetable tannins, skins spend up to three months in water and shade.

Tannins create insoluble complexes with animal skin proteins to ensure the durability of the leather.

Such a process gives a typical smell to Italian leather.


How To Clean Italian Leather?

This operation is very simple and easy.

You do not need a lot of time to clean the leather.

Simply wipe the outside surface with a soft cloth and warm soapy water.

After that, dry the leather with another clean cloth.

Remember: never soak or rinse, otherwise, they can lose their natural qualities.

Finally, let it air dry, away from direct sunlight and sources of heat.


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